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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Garage Door Blues

Enjoy the view we have of the cows on the property next to us.

I was hoping to do another installment of weird occurences that I have experienced, complete with more pictures of the pink pig, but something came up - literally.

One of the noisykids decided to hitch a ride on the garage door as the automatic door opener activated. No harm to him, but he knocked it off the track. I spent a bit of time with the four oldest boy noisykids putting the garage door back on track. The whole time I prayed my fingers would remain on my hands.

The perpetrator was contrite, sort of, as he grinned at me as he apologized.

Earlier that day.....

As I left work, I ran into a colleague of mine, who gleefully showed me something he had bought. To me, it looked like a flashlight on his keychain, only it had 'panic' written on in red letters.

"You bought a panic button?" I asked.

"No, I bought a Mercedes Benz!"

Only then did I realize the thing had the familiar symbol associated with Mercedes Benz automobiles.

"I know you must think it's sinful to buy a nice car like that," he said.

"Well, I know I would never do it. The cost of that car could put a kid through college." You can tell where my thoughts have been lately.

As I rode the elevator down to the lobby, I reflected briefly on the idea of having a car like that. It would be nice. But I also knew my colleague was single. He did not have a wonderful wife and children to come home to; no one would ever pull his garage door off the track. I thought it then, and I still say it, as I scrub grease off my hands and tend to the scratches all over my forearms: I would rather have my wife and children than any nice car.

Even a Lamborghini.


Joee Blogs said...

Wow how many noisykids are there if you don't mind me asking? It sounds like you've got a big clan - which totally rocks!

Roman Sacristan said...

c"Even a Lamborghini"

Wow! You really ARE serious.

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