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Monday, October 16, 2006

More Evidence of a Conspiracy of Conspirators

This is a conspiracy of Conspiratorial Conspirators.

This is the Crest of Pope Benedict XVI.

Note the character in the upper left of the shield. This is known as the Moor, which has some significance to the Pope because of his former position as a bishop in Germany.

But some see it as a hidden symbol of this character instead:

The similarities are uncanny. Just take away the crown and earring.

If you flip the picture around to look at the crest, it becomes even more obvious that it is not the Moor, but rather the Hedgehog, that is represented in the Pope's crest.

More evidence of the Conspiracy noted before, and the recent confrontations during evening prayers. The evidence shown here would suggest that the hedgehog is not just a pious little creature, but rather a cog in the wheels of the vast right-wing/drumstick/thigh conspiracy.

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