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Friday, October 20, 2006

A Joke...

...which answers a question someone posed on my blog comments.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson were traveling by train across the English
countryside. As they passed a field of grazing sheep, Watson remarked,
"there must be thousands of sheep there!"

Holmes replied, "there are exactly three thousand, four hundred and
seventeen sheep."

Watson looked upon Holmes with skepticism. "How did you come up with that
number? Did you count each sheep, one by one?"

"Of course not, my dear Watson. I simply counted all their legs and divided
the number I got by four."

Some of the quotation marks may come out goofy-looking when I send this via
e-mail, but the answer to the question lies in the joke. It will require
the person who asked the question to do a little work to get the answer.


Roman Sacristan said...

It looks like you copied that out of an email and left the ad at the end of the email in there too! LOL.
Or has "Scorpion Stalking Duck" gone commercial now?

Roman Sacristan said...

As far as your "hint" goes, that is easier said than done. ;)

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