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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Please Disinfect Your Browser After Visiting Today

We are currently experiencing a virus which appears to be the common cold kind of virus. To confirm this, we took one of the hedgehogs into the Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM). For those of you who are not technically savvy, an electron microscope allows scientists to see things the uneducated cannot see. Electrons are used, too.

Please excuse the poor quality of the picture.

What we see closest to the nose of this hedgehog is the common rhinovirus which we often see with the common cold.

The things that look like hippopotamussesses are believed to be benign hipaa viruses which are responsible for ensuring the privacy of viruses.

The thing to the left is either a long chain of DNA(DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) or a Rosariovirus, which is a highly contagious conduit of grace.

Some viruses are brutally cannabilistic, as we see in this other scan from the same hedgehog:

It appears to be a triceratopsovirus, a canisvirus, and a snoopiovirus eating an ursavirus on a tiled floor. Thanks to my five year old noisykid for noticing this.

1 comment:

Joee Blogs said...

Wow it's a good job you're a Dr so you could pick up on this. And thank goodness 5 year old noisy kid noticed this just in time! Poor hedgehog!

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