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Monday, August 17, 2015

The 'Bee' Side of Life

When I was a child, there were these discs you could buy called 'records,' which contained music.  They were played on a device called, oddly enough, a record player.  A tiny stylus would run along a groove cut in the vinyl record, and through the miracle of electronics, music would come out of the speakers attached to the record player.  Records looked a lot like the CD's we have nowadays, only they were larger, and were usually black.  Most would spin around the record player at either thirty three or forty five revolutions per minute(RPM).  Full albums were on the 33 RPM records; hit singles would play at 45 RPM.  It is the 45's that serve as the inspiration for the title of this blog.  You would find the hit song on the main or  'A' side of the disc, while some less noteworthy song would be found on the 'B' side.  Now that I am over 50, chances are that I am on past the middle of my life; you might say I am on the 'B' side of my life.  But I continue to grow and change.  This blog entry describes one of those changes.

In May, 2014, I picked up two boxes from a farm East of Dallas.  Inside those boxes were approximately 60,000 honeybees, and several frames upon which they had formed honeycomb made of wax.  Most of the comb contained honey, but some were filled with pollen, which is the protein source for honeybees.  More importantly, some of the honeycomb contained tiny eggs, or growing larvae, indicating that there was a queen in the hive, and that there were more bees on the way.  These two boxes were the starter kits for my first two bee hives, and this would be my first experience handling bees.  But this adventure didn't start with me purchasing bees from a beekeeper.  The story begins several years before, when I first got the notion of raising bees for honey on our property. 

But first I had to convince my wife......

....more to come on this and other subjects.

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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