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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Over the weekend I repaired this statue:

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation.

I call it mysterious because those who were near her when it happened could not explain how she lost her head.

She has been through a lot. She joined us in Michigan, and weathered more abuse than I can imagine. She bore the effects of children's hugs, and occasionally their playful tackles.

She stood tall as legions of Jehovah's Witnesses were turned away at the sight of her. Well, most of them. I had to ask a few of them if they knew who the beautiful Lady in the front yard was. They eventually got the picture.

She survived a move to Texas, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force, and stood in the blazing South Texas sun for years. She single-handedly overcame the machinations of a totalitarian neighborhood association determined to enforce a policy of uniformity and atheism.

She moved once again, into the countryside, where the scorpions played and stalked ducks in her shadow. Then she moved up here to North Texas and got her head lopped off.

Just a bit of concrete sealant, and the job was done. I might make a platform for her to stand on out of the leftover bricks.

Ave Maria!

My five year old demonstrated a new mode of reverence by doing somersaults down the whole pew during the consecration. When I corrected him, he tried to go back by doing backward somersaults.

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
Now restored with the help of some cement!

Prayer to Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation

Mary my mother, take my hand today, and all days.
Lead me away from all occasions of sin.
Guide me in fulfilling your last words in the Gospel,
"Do whatever He tells you."

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