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Monday, November 13, 2006


Mr. Hedgehog.

Probe the mind of a Rubber Chicken!

Use of the observation Deck is an additional charge.

As beautiful from aft as from astern!

Have a Duck for Dinner!

You catch it or kill it,

I stew it or grill it!


Anonymous said...

Sign me up - I want the $40,645 trip with full observation deck rights !!!

Make the trip longer ....

I assume you accept Monopoly money or Sam's card?

The Sailor

dadwithnoisykids said...

"The trip may go longer if we get lost."

- Capt. Stewbean

U.S. Dollars only!

Truthseeker said...

The advertisement for the trip was so detailed, I feel like I've already been on it!


Cruise admirer said...

Do you have to pay extra for the liturgical dance lessons?

p.s. Who teaches them? The Roman Sacristan?

dadwithnoisykids said...

Truthseeker: I hope you are over the seasickness.

Liturgical dancing lessons are an additional fee.

dadwithnoisykids said...

My wife claims this is the STUPIDEST blog I have ever made.

But she loves me, anyway.

dadwithnoisykids said...

NO! I said " I hate to have to be the one to tell you but this one takes the cake! It is THE STUPIDEST blog YET!"
Although, I must point out that dadwithnoisykids is the greatest husband and father in the world. AND...His blog has its good(but strange,odd,weird,etc.) blogs, too!

mommymiko said...

Dolphin: Another White Meat!


Roman Sacristan said...

No, I won't be doing the liturgical dance sessions, only the synchronized thurible swinging.

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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