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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thank you, Blessed Miguel Pro

Here is a picture of Blessed Miguel Pro, a Jesuit priest who was executed in Mexico in 1921. He requested a moment to pray before being executed, then he kissed his crucifix, stood facing the firing squad without a blindfold, and held his arms up as if he were being crucified.


(Long live Christ the King!)

He shouted. What a gutsy priest!

The Mexican government recorded the execution, I think as a lesson to others, so there are a series of pictures of the events during and after the execution. Some of them are quite graphic. Instead of deterring the faithful in Mexico, it appeared that his death galvanized the Catholic faith in Mexico.

We love Blessed Miguel Pro so much that we used 'Miguel Pro' for our youngest son's middle name.

One of the greatest things about the Catholic Church is how 'catholic' it truly is. Here we are, a family of mainly Irish(56%!!!), French, Italian and Hungarian descent, living in Texas, and yet our children are named after men and women from Africa, the Holy Land, France, Poland, Portugal, even Detroit! Wherever the Faith has spread, people like Miguel Pro, or Maximilian Kolbe, or St. Therese of Liseaux have stood with Christ and given their lives for Him.

And then we name a Noisykid after them!

Pray for God to bless us with more Noisykids

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