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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Data Analysis

Here are some preliminary findings from Thanksgiving Day Dinner:

Meat: No preference when comparing the two borracho turkeys. One was roasted in a wine/chipotle medley and Rudy's Rub. The other was seasoned with a beer/poultry seasoning medley a la 'beer can' chicken. The gravy was declared a tremendous success.

Cornbread stuffing was a big hit, and will probably replace the old standby bread stuffing.

Corn casserole with jalapenos will probably return next time, replacing the jalapeno-free casserole. By golly, we are Texans, and we will have jalapenos with every meal!

Green bean casserole will be made with cream of mushroom soup.

Mashed potatoes, onion dill bread, and the desserts will continue. The pumpkin pie recipe may change to the new one.

Wine will be selected by Auntie Ofnoisykids, NOT dadwithnoisykids.

Sparkling cider will remain as the main beverage.

Ketchup will be discreetly placed in a decorative bowl on the table.


antonia said...

sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

We will make both corn casseroles and next year we will serve jalapenos instead of cranberry sauce, now don't forget the wonderful sweet potato casserole :) yummy Note from wife of dadwithnoisykids, there was no wasted food this year, kudos to the chefs

Love: Auntie of noisykids

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