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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Father Brother of Mine!

Today is the birthday of one of my older brothers, Fr. Brotherofdadwithnoisykids. He is a parish priest in Virginia.

It is a tremendous blessing for my wife and children and I to have a priest in the family. We know that he is praying for us, and our sons have the opportunity to see a priest up close and to have a better understanding of the vocation to the priesthood.

Father gets the opportunity to see original sin in progress, as my children go through the ordinary events of the day. He also gets to see just how much his nieces and nephews resemble his brother. I have to mention, though, that I was always the quiet and introspective child, while HE was referred to as the wildman. It is funny how things have ended up...

I am confident we give him a lot of inspiration for sermons.

He introduced me to the Divine Office....look where it has led me:

Please pray for all priests, especially for my brother on his birthday. And please pray for more men to heed the call to serve God at the altar. Let's add a few more statues to this collection:

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