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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christ the King Procession

These are pictures from the Christ the King procession after the Novus Ordo Latin Mass at St. William the Confessor Catholic Church, Greenville, Texas. There are probably more better pictures at the Semper Fi Catholic Forum.

I had to run a Noisykid to the bathroom, so by the time we came out of church, the first decade of the Rosary was done, and the procession was on the move. My 5-year old Noisykid and I ran around the other side of the block to get some pictures of the procession as it came to the second station. I was glad to have the sun to my back.

Here are the altar boys, complete with Crucifix and incense coming down the street. Somewhere in the pictures you will find the Roman Sacristan and Histor the Wise.

Here are the young women of the Sodality group following the altar boys and preceding the Most Blessed Sacrament which is under the canopy.

Fr. Paul Weinberger is holding the Monstrance holding The Most Blessed Sacrament. The men of the Knights of Columbus are tending to the canopy. Note the altar boys who walked backwards, incensing Our Lord the whole way.

There were four stations outside of church and on the church grounds, for the first four decades of the Rosary and for Benediction. While walking to each station, The Roman Sacristan led hymns in Latin, and children covered (lightly) the path with flower petals. The final decade and Benediction took place in the church.

Afterwards, a group did an elaborate Mexican dance which I believe is called Matachina. It is a very elaborate dance where the dancers move to the rhythm of two drums. Apparently the movements correspond to words of a prayer. They were performing the dance when we showed up for Mass, and it reminded me of Carlos Santana's live album Moonflower. There was a drum solo on that album which sounded similar to the music of the Matachina. Fr. Weinberger is in the right foreground. I think the girl with the red bow in the center foreground is one of my beloved Noisykids.

After a late lunch(pizza) and visiting with friends, we left for the day. We had not planned to stay, but since my wife felt up to it, we stayed the day.

As we left, the Roman Sacristan noticed Mr. Moose on the dashboard. He noticed a similar beard style they both shared:

Notice that Mr. Moose is covering his chest. That is because he is hiding a tatoo he got when he was a younger moose. It is the name of a business he was associated with at the time. Now because of that youthful indiscretion he has to be careful to 'cover up.' This is especially hard when one considers that mooses usually don't wear clothes.

Now my baby Noisykid is having her own procession, holding aloft a broom and singing 'alleluia.'


Therese said...

WHAT! No altar girls!? And do I see chapel veils on some of those girls? How appalling.

Hint: See my post on why I love our parish.

I'm glad to hear your wife is feeling well enough to join you for Mass and the rest of this wonderful day.

And is that the "Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary"?

antonia said...

wow! What a beautiful procession!

Oh to live near a Parish like that!

God Bless

Roman Sacristan said...

Nope, no altar boy girls.
Yep, many chapel veils.
Yes, we have a soldality to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Therese said...

Roman Sacristan, I hope all those girls wearing veils, who are old enough, have read this little booklet - The Chapel Veil – symbol of the spouse of Christ
by Elizabeth Black & Emily Griswold - So they don't ever give up wearing one.
available at www.requiempress.com

(Like dadwithnoisykids, I too, do NOT gain any profit from the sale of these books. Anyway, I think they are only about 3$ each.)

Anonymous said...

Would you mind telling the name and location of your parish?

Therese said...

St. Stephen the First Martyr
Sacramento, CA

Come visit us sometime, but remember, don't ask for Therese, it's a penname. The children wouldn't let me do a blog about them unless we were all anonymous. Leave me a message at my blog if you are coming out to visit and I will email you my real name.

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