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Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Potty Time!

The past few weeks have been relentlessly wearing. Our whole family has
been battling a bad cold, with Mom and I being the last ones to catch it.
Right now I imagine my throat feels like that of someone who had their
tonsils removed.

It feels better to drool.....

Sooooo, on top of multiple personal and professional hurdles which seem to
grow the closer they are to us, somebody or somebodies decided to add one
more thing to the 'personal' list.

The three year old boy is potty training.

This is the child, by the way, who gave me the idea of calling myself
'dadwithnoisykids,' after one extremely long temper tantrum during Mass
which lasted from the first reading until after praying to Saint Michael
right before the recessional hymn.

Potty training for us is actually quite simple. All you need are 20 pairs
of clean underwear, 20 pairs of clean pants, 20 pairs of socks, several
pairs of shoes, and enough 'bribe' or 'reward' candy necessary to keep him
on the throne until something happens.

Rewards are given in proportion to the results documented. Enough said.

For the few of you who read this, please remember my 5 year old son who will
have eye muscle surgery on Wednesday. He received part of the Anointing of
the Sick - he refused the chrism oil.

Also remember my wife who will need surgery in a few weeks.

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