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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Surgical Success

Last week, my five year old Noisykids had surgery to correct a lazy eye. It appears that it was a success, and now we expect him to be a more productive and efficient in all that he does.

The surgery is rather fascinating, as certain muscles that control eye movement are repositioned to realign the direction the eyes are pointed. The eyeball has several muscles that originate in the back of the eye socket, and then attach to the side of the eyeball. When one muscle contracts, or pulls, the eye moves in that direction. The muscles can work together to make the eye roll around in its socket – one of the things my children learn to do at an early age whenever I talk to them.

Another way to picture the eye muscles is to imagine the eyeball is suspended in a series of slings, which are the muscles, and tension on any sling or muscle will cause the eye to turn.
So the surgeon either shortens or lengthens the muscle so that the eye points straight.

All of this brings up another part of the anatomy that is sometimes associated with the word lazy: the lazy backside. While I have no evidence that the backside has a series of muscles that move it like the eyeball, there must be some sort of ‘sling’ involved. I offer the following quote as proof. It was something my father used to say to my brothers (I was always the good boy) when they were being lazy:

"If you don’t get over here and [Insert Chore Here] right this minute, you’re going to end up with your backside in a sling"

That usually motivated my brothers. I also have to say that my Father really did say 'backside.' He had much better control over his speech than this son.

Thank you for your prayers for my little Noisykid.

Please pray for my wife who will have surgery next week.


Joee Blogs said...


Roman Sacristan said...

"and now we expect him to be a more productive and efficient in all that he does."


(Glad everything went well)

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