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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Possible Explanation for a Missing Cat

Maybe the coyotes did not get this one:

This evening, I had an interesting converstion with a rediology technician who acquired a cat about 4-6 months ago. It seems that one day he found one, not yet full grown, in one of the hospital parking structures. It was an orange tabby, similar in color to the one in the center of the above picture.

The more I heard, the more it reminded me of a day when my oldest son and I went for a Sunday afternoon drive/driving lesson in my car, better known from animal strikes as 'The Aardvark.' As we rolled down the driveway, I could hear frantic 'meow' -ing coming from the back of the car. We stopped and got out to look. Now, in the past, I had seen one of the kittens - an orange tabby - climb up onto the spare tire of the Aardvark; the spare tire happens to be attached to the underside of the frame at the back of the car. I know from experience that there is a little bit of room between the frame and the top of the tire - certainly enough for a kitten. I assumed that a kitten was up there and wanted to get off before we left, but I was not about to stick my hand up in the space to grab what was probably a terrified kitten. So we drove on; I did not hear any more meowing.

The next day, I drove to work - about thirty miles.

We never saw the kitten again.

I have no way of proving it, but it seems as if this story has too many coincidences for the cat to be one of our lost kittens.

It sounds as if he has found a good home.

I can only wonder what has happened to the kittens lounging on the drive shaft of the Big Blue!

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