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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An old poem for your reading experience

I found this while trying to organize books on our bookshelves.

The inspiration for this came one Sunday morning in San Antonio when I thought I would buy a bottle of wine. I was told that it could not be sold until after noon because of the 'blue' laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages. The bottle of rum mentioned in this poem was purchased in 1997 and is still not finished.

Now on with more poetic torture for you:

St. Patrick's Day Poem

St. Patrick's Day, the scorpion
Did go for whiskey to buy.
He had no ken of 'blue' laws
Or if Bexar County were dry.

The package store man roared with glee
Bemused at his poor plight.
"I cannot sell you whiskey, lad
Until the noonday light."

Crestfallen scorpion did return
To my estate and kin,
"I cannot buy you whiskey, sir
To top your coffee tin."

His friend the duck was clever,
Said, "watch me fix this mess.
We'll start a new tradition
To ask St. Pat to bless."

He took Coca Cola, Bacardi rum
And a glass all full of ice.
A shot of rum, the rest of Coke
Made for a drink so nice.

We'll celebrate St. Joseph's Day
Along with Patrick's too
'Cuba libre!' shouts will soon be heard
In the house of you-know-who.

We do not drink in excess
Nor ever drive and drink
Happy Saints Patrick's and Joseph's Day
To all who ever would think

That scorpions in Texas
Would ever dine on duck
Or liquor store would sell to them
Driving a pickup truck.


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