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Monday, March 19, 2007

Feast of St. Joseph Comments

There is a poem about St. Joseph buried below the Noisykid Kitchen entries. You did not ask for it, but you got it! More Bad Poetry!

Pope St. Leo and the Rubber Chicken Man, Revisited

A long time ago, in another post, I showed the picture below. Now that I can upload bigger pictures, I thought I would repost the original picture and ask y'all what you think is on the head of the man bowing before Pope St. Leo. Click on the picture to enlarge it:

I think it is a rubber chicken, like this one:

My Bad Poetry Gets Some Critical Publicity

My poem, The Island is Sinking, was printed on another person's blog, and the only comment it produced was that I, yes I, must have been drinking when I wrote it.

This is not true, as I have such a low threshold with alcohol that all that I can do after one beer/glass of wine/mixed drink is go to sleep. I write with the full control of my faculties.

I can write perfectly lousy poetry without any assistance from alcohol, and I am proud of it!

Miraculous Picture Accompanies Bad Poetry?

In my poem, The Island is Sinking, I included a picture of a rainbow taken out the front passenger window of The Big Blue Miracle. Recently my wife noticed that if you look at the picture from about 10 feet from the monitor it appears as if there is a face made by the clouds. My wife thought it may have been the face of God, but I think it is the face of Lou Ferrigno, the man who played the 'Hulk' part of The Incredible Hulk back inthe 70's or 80's.

Here is that picture for your inspection. I would not be surprised if there were another miracle associated with our van which is known as the Big Blue Miracle.

As a bonus, when you expand the picture you can see the left hand of dadwithnoisykids on the steering wheel. What a bonus!

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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