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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Reading my Children their 'Blog Rights'

From now on, before any interaction with the noisykids, I have to read them their Blog Rights:

Duck and Scorpion take a break from studying

1. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may become part of a future blog entry on the Blog Scorpion Stalking Duck. Criticisms of dadwithnoisykids, which indicate that you have a dry sense of humor, are especially prone to publication. Your best bet is to smile, avoid eye contact with dadwithnoisykids, and back away slowly and quietly.

2. Anything you make and can be photographed may be featured on the Blog Scorpion Stalking Duck. Items such as stuffed animals, especially scorpions or ducks, are preferred for publication. American Girl Dolls will not be featured, but their furniture may appear on Blogs. Lego-type creations may be photographed and renamed by dadwithnoisykids.

Nutritious Play-Doh Gnocchi, made by the noisykids, goes great with Marinara Sauce!

3. While your words may be published, and your creations may be photographed, pictures of the noisykids will not be published.

4. Noisykids will be allowed to publish articles on this blog after paying dadwithnoisykids a 'user's fee' and surrendering all rights to any royalties received by the publishing of such article on the Blog Scorpion Stalking Duck.

5. Publication of items on this blog will not replace dadwithnoisykids' tendency to exaggerate and contrive stories of his life as a circus performer, big game hunter, pilot, scientist, three-time winner of the Nobel Prize, and singer/musician/composer.


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