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Friday, August 04, 2006

Feast of St. John Vianney

St. John-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, also known as the Cure of Ars(with an accent on the 'e' in Cure), is the patron saint of parish priests.

The best biography we have for him is by Trochu and is available at TAN Books. It is a thick book and covers his whole life.

Some other books on the saint are

Sermons of the Cure of Ars
The Cure D'Ars Today, by Fr. George William Rutler
The Cure of Ars, by Fr. Bartholomew O'Brien - a slim book which I read first, and only increased my interest and devotion to St. John Vianney.

A favorite quote of mine from St. John Vianney:

"Sir, it is greatly to be wished that your soul were as beautiful as your dog."

This was said to a man going hunting with his dog. He went on to reform his life and enter a monastary.

And this, said to a priest who wanted to join a monastary. St. John counseled against the change:

"...the good God at times inspires us with desires of which He will never ask the fulfillment in this world."

St. John Vianney knew that love for the Blessed Sacrament was the most powerful means for renewing the heart of a parish( - from Fr. O'Brien's book).

I pray that more priests take him as their role model.


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