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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blog Hiatus

This week has been busy.

I have been nominated for several bloogers choice awards.


There are enough great blogs that are in the running against one atheist
and some other folks. Vote for them. I am selflessly taking a 'hit' here
for the team.

But I can't help but brag about the number of categories I have been
nominated for....here is a list:

Best Religious Blog
Best Humorous Blog
Best Blog with Stuffed Animals in the Avatar
Best Blog featuring interspecies harrassment
Best Blog with pictures of cats
Best Blog with a picture of an Australian Shepherd on it
Best Blog with 'Oop Eek Ork Ah Ah' featured in a blog entry
Best Blog Unintentionally Started by its Founder
Best Blog for people who like Christmas related videos
Best Blog from Texas read by people in England
Best Blog for those who have a 'thing' for Beanie Babies
Best Blog with Bad Poetry
Best Vatican Conspiracy Blog
Best Blog with a cornbread recipe on it.

I suspect I will win most of these awards.


Anonymous said...

Hey DWNK, you forgot "Best Odd Catholic Blog"!!!

LOVE YA guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I was being funny with that last comment, I really LOVE your blog!!

God bless!!!

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