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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Historical Landmarks Today

20 Years Ago Today...

....dadwithnoisykids was commissioned an officer in the United States Air
Force. Second Lieutenant Future dadwithnoisykids, USAF MSC, went on to
have an uneventful 9 years of reserve and 4 years of active duty service
before separating from the Air Force. It was an amicable separation, with
me getting the freedom to live and practice wherever I choose, and the Air
Force got to keep all its airplanes. I did win visitation rights to see
aircraft that are part of a static display at any museum. Security guards
at air shows have been instructed to shoot to kill if I am spotted near
their aircraft, though.

73 Years Ago Today...

....Father of dadwithnoisykids was born. We celebrate this day by praying
for him and for his intentions. As I grow older, or my children continue
to age me, I find myself repeating some of my father's expressions - all
of them clean - as I deal with things my children have done. In so many
ways whatever good there is in me is from God(of course) and my father and
mother. The failings are certainly all my own.

Last night...

....we entered a new phase in home school driver education. From now on,
the drivier-in-training is responsible for navigation as well as driving.
One of the joys of living under these conditions is the 'missed turn' and
whatever comes with it. Last night we took a midnight tour of the Dallas
freeways courtesy of the student passing another car instead of exiting.
It is all good, since it meant more time in the driver seat and more time
in heavy highway traffic.

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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