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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bare Feet Walking in Snow

Looking upon a snowy street
in the city Logrono, Spain
a man saw steps made by bare feet
of a friar walking the lane.

The man knew God was calling him
to respond to Infinite Love
but smelly frozen friar feet
were used to give the final shove.

The man went on to work for God
to preach and teach, be canonized
but feet and friar have faded
they’d never more be recognized

I look down at my own two feet
and wonder if they’re made to call
the heart of one who seeks the Lord
to do His will and serve us all

But I can’t see my feet because
they are shod in finest leather
they live in pampered luxury
hiding from inclement weather

Off go my old Justin ropers
followed by my socks with gold toes
perhaps my feet while they take the air
will catch a saint – God only knows



James said...

Mr Dadwithnoisykids,

I've been keeping tabs on your blog, and must say i find most of it fairly good. i thank you.
however, I am often left bemused and befuddles by all these references to cuddly toy ducks and scorpions intimidating each other. What's it all about, Mr DwNK?
are you quite all there?

Please tell us more about your unusually large family of 12 children. that is truly fascinating and inspirational. much more so than dodgy ducks and the like.

i'd be much obliged to you.

from England, Uk

Anonymous said...

Like the reflection...now i see their ages..it seems we're a few years ahead with the eldest & you've got a couple younger...

God bless

Anonymous said...

Dear James from England,

I personally know the 12 children and you are right, they are far more interesting than the stuffed animals, but the fascinating thing is that DWNK IS all there and then some. He is a top notch fellow and one of the best I know. I have known him for several decades and he is the real deal, quite funny and truly devoted to his family and most of all our dear Lord. Keep reading and I am sure you will be edified. Signed, Friend from way back when...

James said...

Dear Friend from way back when...

Thanks for thaat. i am sure that, even not knowing him, the DwNK is indeed the real deal and a pukka chap.
i will continue being a fan, and contiinue to be flabbergasted at the fac that he is able to blog so much, while being a father of 12.

if i plow through the stuffed animals, i might find some tips...
James. from the Great Britain.

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