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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Thoughts

Mr. Moose operates the radio: KATH AM 910 is his current favorite.

The Duggar Family is expecting their 17th child! Read about it here. We are happy for them, and pray that they have a healthy baby, a safe delivery, and a quick recovery.

Meanwhile, here in North Texas, we are praying for another child if it is the will of God. People always ask us if we know the Duggars; as if there were some network of large families where we all get together and discuss how to take over the world.

Today some of us went to the funeral for a friend. We were privileged to offer our Mass for the repose of the soul of Mary. In addition to the homily, two visiting priests took a few moments to talk about Mary. One priest is her brother; the other her brother-in-law. I listened carefully, dreading that this might turn into an on-the-spot canonization.

I was pleasantly surprised. Both priests spoke about Mary's virtues, yet both emphasized the importance of praying for the dead. One of the priests mentioned that Mary might have been holier than anyone else in the church - but that we are to compare ourselves with God, not those around us. When we see ourselves in the light of Truth, we recognize our own sinfulness and need for purification and the need for Purgatory. It was just what anyone, especially Mary, would want to hear at a funeral.

One of the priests mentioned about having regrets at the time of death. That got me to thinking, which is how a funeral for a friend ties in with the Duggar family having another child: On my deathbed, I will never regret having the children God gave us. Surely I will regret things I did or failed to do with my children, but bringing them into existence will not be one of the things that will make me wring my hands on my deathbed. Looking back on almost 18 years of marriage, one could make the argument that we had a 'grave' or 'just' reason to contracept some of our children out of existence, but those reasons were pointless when compared to the generosity of Divine Providence and the value of a human soul.


antonia said...


Yes, I agree! I think only a cruel extremely self-centred person with no heart would look at their own children and wish they didn't exist!

I will say a prayer for Mary

Anonymous said...

God gives the life if we choose to accept it. My friend has 14 children..like you we would love more..but sometimes God decides your quota!

freddie said...

Hi There,
I see you care for Children and most of all entrust on the will of God. Please pray for little Francesco, a three years old little boy diagnosed with leukaemia.
br.Freddie OFM

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