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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Please read my review of...

...The Von Trapp Family Singers after you watch this trailer for the movie that was inspired by it:


Anonymous said...

Haven't clicked on the post yet. But the Sound of Music & The Von Trapp family singers books are brilliant. Have just added your link to my blog..rather belatedly.


semperficatholic said...

Years ago, when my father was alive, he belonged to The Men of the Sacred Heart, who Enthroned Home to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart, and when they held a Congress in Washington DC, my father delivered a talk. Maria von Trapp was in the audience. After my father was finished with his talk, Maria asked if she could meet my father so they took her back to where he was. They were introduced and she asked that my father sign her book on the Devotion to the Sacred Heart. She wanted his autograph. He was humbled and agreed to sign the book if she would agree to sign his book. I have the book she signed for my father, God rest his soul.

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