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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BIG CHANGE at the Little Blog:

For those of you wonderful readers who took off Holy Week to spend time in prayer, you missed the change that took place at Scorpion Stalking Duck on April 1, 2007. At first it was just a change in the front office, where the 'suits' hang out and make all the big decisions. I was still in charge of creative blog entries.

All of that changed yesterday, when I received a memo from the CEO of Noisykid Kitchen("Where to Find the Best of Everything") stating that the name of the blog is too controversial. First of all, the memo said, Scorpions don't stalk ducks. Secondly, stalking is considered a 'controversial' and 'divisive' terminology to describe a blog. Most importantly, the characters used in the blog to show a scorpion stalking a duck are not photogenic enough. They cited this one fact as the main reason why so few people read this blog.

I wish to respond to this memo, but the CEO said I have to start a search for the new models for the new pictures and avatar that will reflect a 'kinder, gentler' blog. By the way, the picture below is that of the CEO.

The first batch of candidates are below his picture.

The CEO totally ignored the fact that I took pictures of the scorpion stalking the duck when we lived in San Antonio. I did not 'stage' that picture as some people say. The infamous 'Scorpion Stalking Duck' picture is at the bottom of the blog page. That really happened.

"Stalking?" Why not "Stalking?" It's catchy!

Regarding photogenics, I live by the rule that 'Beauty is Truth, and Truth is Beauty.' Also, I am myself someone who is known to have a 'nice personality,' and 'beautiful eyes' rather than a stunning physique, so I like to show the world as it really is. If that means ordinary scorpions and ducks doing extraordinary things, so be it.

As for the faithful readers of this blog, I am in for a 'quality' rather than 'quantity' blog. I would still write this nonsense even if I were the only one reading it.

I know someone in Oklahoma will always read this. Thank you.

For all my devout readers, thank you. I expect to get fired for writing this entry, but I don't care. I want to keep the old characters. I want to keep the blog the way it is. I never want to grow up. I am never going to leave Kansas!

Now, the models:

This duck said if he became the model he would be able to pay for the eye surgery. Maybe he could check his thyroid function, too.

Look at this handsome, manly duck!

Every pose of this duck brings to mind a duck in command of his faculties and all that he surveys.
Compare him with this poor excuse of a duck!

Check out the exoskeleton on this scorpion! Ladies, control yourselves!

Here's a happy fellow! He works as a clown when he is not studying engineering.

All the ladies love the adorable Mr. Waddles.

Never mind the scorpions, why not start fresh with a BEE!

Why not have this whole family for the new blog mascots?

I will show more pictures(under duress) and will make a survey later this week.


Histor the Wise said...

Ooh, that's one studly mallard up there!


Anonymous said...

You did make me laugh!

God bless

antonia said...


My personal favourite would have to be the duck with the googley eyes.

It looks like the sort of duck that might be involved in a scorpion stalking

Bridget said...

I'm so confused.

Roman Sacristan said...

Being of a more traditional bent, I say don't change a thing!

I also say, don't let some aloof corporate type tell you what to do!
Don't turn a small niche site into the wal-mart of blogs.


Mac McLernon said...

This is the Vatican II of blogdom... if you change the blog to fit in with the demands of all those progressive types, you will regret it in about 40 years' time!

...and you'll only have to change it back again...

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