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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Would You Call this Cuddly?

What is this?

I saw it in a store, and had to resist the urge to buy it. If you grab it by the tongue, it starts talking to you. Its comments were limited to a few complaints about how I was hurting it by pulling on its tongue.

Why would you develop a toy that urges you to pull its tongue and then complains about it? I think this is an example of how we are being desensitized to the suffering of others, starting at a very young age. The culmination of such a desensitization program are slasher movies; one in particular(Hostel) features torture of people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. What amazes me is this is considered entertainment. Having seen a few people suffer in my day, I can say that it is no fun - especially when the one suffering is my wife or one of the noisykids. So to think that someone would go to a movie and enjoy watching people being rent into their various components is just sick.

Somewhere I have a copy of a document Salvifici Doloris by the late Pope John Paul II. In it he discusses the meaning of suffering and how we can unite our suffering with Christ. He even mentions those of us whose role it is to help those who suffer. But nowhere in there does he consider suffering to be entertaining.

NO, I did NOT watch that movie I mentioned. I overheard someone talking about it.

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