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Monday, July 31, 2006

Not sure what the name of this song is, but...

I found these lyrics on a torn page of that music(see earlier post). I think a dog chewed on it. All that I could decipher were the chorus and verses 7 and 8.

It is I, Lord, here I am, Lord!
I have heard you mourning o'er your plight.
I will go, Lord, take it easy.
I will lighten up your people's night.

I, the Creator of all,
Sending out a distress call.
Waiting for help to appear.
What's that I hear?

I can't thank you quite enough,
Without you it would be rough.
I will sing your praise to men
And to women!

Inspirational. I have been trying to recall the melody.

Today, I showed the noisykids how to taste wine. I remember going on a day trip to some Napa Valley vineyards about twenty years ago, and I thrilled the children with stories of touring wineries and seeing basements full of casks of wine. I told them the best part had to be sampling the products of all the vineyards. I described the bars, with bottles of wine just waiting to be sampled, the small glasses that were filled with wine, and the adventure of sampling all the free wine you could handle. What I forgot to tell them about were the spitoons available to those who did not want to get inebriated as the day went on. They were quite surprised when I suddenly got rid of my wine sample into the sink.

Off to look for a good recipe that needs a bottle of wine to make it. Chicken Marsala?

I recall going on a campout with the scouts where the main ingredient in our barbecue chicken - which was really just stewed chicken in a pot - was a bottle of red wine. I think that the alcohol in the wine may have killed off any bacteria that were present in the frozen center of each piece of chicken. Maybe.

Maybe not. I recall later that night having to go to the restroom, and spending a long time searching for the zipper at the end of the tent. I couldn't find it, and had just drawn my trusty utility knife to slash my way out(I was that desperate) when one of the other boys in the tent woke up and told me I was at the wrong end of the tent.

Actually, the best experience I had in the scouts was the summer of 1976, when my father and three of my brothers and I went to a week long camping trip to a scout camp somewhere in Michigan. The first day of the camp was July 4, 1976, so we celebrated the Bicentennial under the stars. For the rest of the week, I had a blast, working on merit badges and skill awards, trapping(and releasing) squirrels for a mammal merit badge. Eating a meal from various plants that I collected. Making a fire, cooking a portion of ground beef over it, then eating it and the ashes that covered it when the meat fell on top of the coals. Mmmmmmmmmm. It was a lot of fun. I will make time this fall to camp with some of my noisykids.

All the way from lyrics to thoughts on camping.

The little noisykids don't seem to mind that I end all stories with the phrase, "And they all lived happily ever after until a metorite hit the earth, clouds covered the earth, and caused the extinction of every vertebrate"

Does it bother you?

F-K 6.0 (I'm getting worse, not better!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like that story ending. I think I'll try it out on my cousins, as I don't have kids of my own yet (or a husband).

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