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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The lecture did not go as planned....

The lecture did not go as planned. I was to lecture a group of students on a subject of moderate importance in my profession, so I was very disappointed when only two of them showed up.

They were bored from the very beginning, spending time making comments to each other and yawning loudly throughout the presentation. It was a Powerpoint presentation, complete with diagrams and pictures and algorithms; enough to occupy two and a half hours of their attention without a break.

Or so I thought. I was getting a bit fed up with their behavior, and figured they were not going to ignore me any more.

I began to dance....

Someone requested a translation of this phrase, and I gladly offer my interpretation:

"Ouryay ogblay is eallyray eallyray idiculousray."

One must remember that when converting from Pig Latin to English that the spirit of the phrase is sometimes lost.

The first word obviously refers to the possessive, in this case second person. Blog is the next word. The verb is 'is,' and the emphatic double 'really' suggests the emotion which is indicative of the Mediterranean culture of those who speak Pig Latin. The last word, with the emphasis on the 'cul' sound would be closest to the word 'cool' as it is understood in our modern day.

So we have, "Your blog is really really cool" for a final translation.

Thank you, anonymous blogger!

By the way, 'Avacado' does not translate into anything closer than, 'arkday obblay ithway eengray uffstay in emthay.'


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