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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lost Lyrics Found

It has been a challenging week.

Mom, the noisykids and I have taken turns experiencing a summertime flu bug. This morning, before returning to work, I stopped by the local supermarket to replenish our stores of ginger ale, crackers, popsicles, and lemon-lime soda. After scanning twenty big bottles of soda and boxes of popsicles, the checkout lady said, "having a party?"

"My life is one big party." I said, giving her a meaningful look.

So much for reviewing books and publishing these reports on my blog. Instead, I have spent the time shooting off brief reports from old notes and pictures. Tonight I was just about to close this note when I spied a copy of an old book of hymns. It was from an obscure German band called MetaltrÄch (pronounced metal trake), and the dedication page stated this was “Music dedicated to, inspired by, and written for the group Iron Butterfly” The entrance hymn consisted of a twenty minute drum solo, which suddenly segued into that familiar entrance song, “Gather Us In.” None of this seemed remarkable; except there was a verse of the song I do not recall hearing in recent years. It went like this:

We are so cool,
We are so amazing.
We are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Perfect people
On whom God is gazing
Tolerate us or we’ll step on your head!

Gather us in…la la la....

I was amazed. I read it several times just to be sure. I still could not believe it. I remember getting all the MetaltrÄch albums as a kid(Also Sprach MetaltrÄch, Abundant Love of MetaltrÄch, Every Good Boy Deserves a MetaltrÄch, and MetaltrÄch: Dance Party Mix with Biz-E-Cheez), and it seems to me one of the members of the group went on to work on some big time musicals like ‘Cats’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ So maybe there is some truth to the similarity between modern church music and opera music from Andrew Lloyd Weber. I cannot verify this, but it does raise my suspicions.

Father John, you are in our prayers.

F-K 7.9

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