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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Open Letter from Our Lady of Guadalupe to North America

These people are dancing in my honor!
Dear Children:

It is I, Mother of Our Lord and Savior - and my precious Son - Jesus Christ, who am writing you today. You all know me by many names, many titiles which have been bestowed upon me by the prophets, the Angels, Saints, and Holy Mother Church. Today I wish to address you by the title 'Our Lady of Guadalupe.'

Why? Well, it is to remind you that while I am mother to all mankind - recall what my Son said to St. John while He hung upon the Cross - in a very special way I am the patroness of North America when I am using the title of the Virgin of Guadalupe. December 12th is the day set aside to honor me, and yet I did not see many of you remembering me - or, more importantly, MY SON - on that day. Some parishes had celebrations honoring me, but they tended to be those churches with a large number of Mexican parishioners. Good for them, but I am patroness of ALL of North America - not just that part of it below the Rio Grande. I want to see all of my children in this continent turning toward my Son with love and prayers, and I stand ready to add my prayers and intercessions to yours. I want to see all the many ethnic groups of the United States and Canada remembering me as someone who wishes to intercede for them - even the Irish!

By the way, I checked with St. Jane Frances de Chantel, whose feast day is also on December 12, and she denied getting a host of prayers and intercessions from North America.

I have another reason for writing to you. Next week, on January 1, I am honored with the title of Mother of God. This is a day for you to come to Mass and receive my Son, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. This is a day to consider that Our Lord and Master of the Universe humbled Himself to become the Child of one of his creatures - me. So rather than spending the day in front of the television - you know Michigan will choke in any 'Bowl' game - take the time to worship and adore my Son by acknowledging me as the Mother of God.

I look forward to seeing you.

With tenderest regards,

Your Mother Mary

1 comment:

Rubi said...

A beautiful letter. I'll need to send some of my friends to this blog entry!

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