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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, and...

...not much else to say. Right now a lot of my creativity is taken up by writing the annual Dadwithnoisykids newsletter as well as writing some other important works.

But we took some time out to celebrate the 14th birthday of Noisykid #4 yesterday. After going to Mass, we went to dinner at a steakhouse(his choice) and after looking at the prices I had to advise the other children on what was permitted and what was not. The Birthday Boy could pick anything on the menu. The other children told me the breadsticks were especially tender last night.

We went to a hunting/camping/fishing/boating store afterwards where I was inundated with children who wanted more 'stuff.' "Wasn't Christmas just last week?" I asked. They all assured me that the cost would be taken out of the balance I owe them for various odd jobs around the house. My children may forget to do their chores, but they never forget the debt I owe them.

Of course I had to return to work today to get back to earning money to pay for all this....

Anyways, here are the two saints we selected as Noisykid #4's patron saints. The one below is St. Louis-Marie de Montfort. I love his books on the Blessed Mother and the Rosary. He wanted to be a missionary to the North American Indians, but God had something else in mind.

Then there is this guy, Bartholomew. He is also known as Nathaniel. He was referred to by Christ as the 'man without guile.' If you read further along the passage which describes the first meeting between Jesus and Bartholomew, you probably wonder what he was doing under the tree, too.

Just paying the 'coffee tax,' I suppose....

Bartholomew was skinned alive, and is an example of how those who follow Christ must shed all earthly attachments, sometimes one's skin, for Our Lord.

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