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Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Album Release from SSD/MetaltrAch

Only two weeks in prison, and he already has an album out!

Mr. Scorpion, who was arrested in San Antonio on September 2, 2006, for allegedly stealing a car, is proud to announce his first album:

From The County Jail

A collection of prison songs, sung by Mr. Scorpion, with backup singing by ‘The Lifers.’

From The County Jail

You will hear such favorites as, Is Anybody Goin’ to San Antone(Doug Sahm), Breakout(Thin Lizzie), Been Caught Stealin’(Jane’s Addiction), The Man in the Black Exoskeleton(Johnny Cash-Scorpion), The Male Scorpion Named Sue(Johnny Cash-Scorpion), and many others. Here are a sampling of the lyrics:

Bexar County Blues(Folsom Prison Blues)

I hear that jailer comin’
It’s dinnertime he said,
But I ain’t had a cricket
Since I don’t know when
I’m stuck in Bexar County
Dadwithnoisykids is gone
And he’ll never come and rescue
My tail from San Antone....

Soy de San Luis(A local favorite):

Found me a little Tejanita when I lived in Ann Arbor,
She was so bonita and I had to marry her.
Then I was called up by the Air Force, and we moved to San Antone,
It took thirty-two years to get here, but now Texas is home!

Little Scorpion(to the tune of Tom Dooley):

Hang down your head, little scorpion
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head lil’ scorpion
Poor boy you’re gonna fry

I went down to San Antone,
There I took a ride
Stole a little auto
Then I had to hide

The Lifers: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan

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