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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

DFW Catholic Radio

I just got this e-mail from the Guadalupe Radio Network, the folks who were
trying to set up a Catholic Radio Station in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.
The thing that intrigues me the most is that I thought AM 910 was the local
Air America station. Could Air America be shutting down? Read on:

Dear Friend of DFW Catholic Radio:

It�s been months since I have communicated with some of you detailing the
and progress of bringing Catholic Radio to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
in April of this year I joined the Guadalupe Radio Network (GRN) as General
Manager of the GRN�s nine Catholic Radio stations. Since then, we have been
working diligently to locate and purchase a Catholic Radio station in the
radio market.

For nearly ten years, many of us have waited eagerly for the day when
Radio finally arrives on the airwaves of Dallas/Fort Worth.

On behalf of the many people who have devoted their time, talent and
treasure to
bring the Truths and beauty of the Catholic faith to north Texas, I humbly
joyfully announce that effective Sunday, October 1st, Catholic Radio will
broadcasting both English AND Spanish language Catholic programming on 2
separate radio stations across north Texas! Both stations have received the
support of both Bishop Charles Grahmann of Dallas and Bishop Kevin Vann of

Beginning October 1st, the home of English-language Catholic Radio
24 hours a day) will be KXEB 910 AM, and the home of Spanish-language
Radio (broadcasting from sunrise to sunset) will be KJON 850 AM. The
will consist of the best Catholic apologetics, family and devotional shows
offered by the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network and the Ave Maria Radio
Network. Plus, we will begin after the start of the new year a local, live
Catholic program focusing on issues pertinent to north Texas Catholics. And
can rest assured that everything you hear on the GRN will be entirely
to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

On October 1st, Dallas/Fort Worth will become the home of both the largest
English-language Catholic Radio station (910 AM) and the largest
Spanish-language Catholic Radio station (850 AM) in the United States. For
first time ever, over five million people will have the opportunity to hear
Truth about the Catholic faith, from a Catholic perspective, free of charge
their cars, their homes and in their offices. These stations will educate
Catholics, dispel myths about the faith, explain critical Church teachings
lead many people to the Sacraments and parish life.

However, these stations will only survive with the support of many faithful


From here on it becomes a request for prayers and donations. Rather than
turning my blog into an advertisement for anything more than the 'Gift
Shop,' I will direct you to their website.

Their website is www.grnonline.com

Their snail mail address is:

The Guadalupe Radio Network
P.O. Box 10571
Midland, TX 79702

I listened to the program in the past, when it was on for a couple hours on
KSKY AM 660, and it seemed pretty good. They interviewed a man who is now
in his second year of the seminary up in the Northeast US.

We shall monitor this....


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