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Monday, September 25, 2006


Habemus Kittens!

This morning, Cattus Regina had delivered at least four kittens! Pictures
after they get cleaned up a bit.

Cattus Regina is one of a series of cats who have lived with us. Other cats
include Cattus Rex, Caeli, Laetare, Lucia, Agnes, Felix Culpa,
Homewrecker(a.k.a. 'E.K.' for Evil Kitty) and many unnamed kittens who have
gone on to other homes - Or just wandered off to become coyote chow.

On an even greater note, today is the 15th Birthday of The Oldest Daughter
of the Noisykids!

We are so blessed to have her, as we are with all our children. After she
was born, we were told by many that we were 'done,' since we now had one of
each gender. Thankfully, we did not listen to those voices, and God has
blessed us abundantly. We are praying for more.

So please remember my oldest girl noisykid in your prayers today.


1 comment:

Truthseeker said...

I'm going to try this again. I put a "happy birthday" wish to Oldest Daughter earlier today, and it took, I thought, but it's gone now. So, I want to say again, happy birthday and I pray that today you will had a wonderful day and wonderful days for the rest of your life.

R.S. Mom

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