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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Infertility, Part 2

First, a bit of neat stuff about Antarctic animals. I never knew this about penguins:

I am having a time coming up with a response to this question from 'Anonymous:'

I have a question for you? How many miscarriages would be a sign for you to say that your time is over for having more children? I have a friend who has 7 children and then had 3 miscarriages in her early 40's. Finally her husband and her decided that they would use NFP to avoid conception since it seemed apparent that she could no longer carry a child to term. It was a difficult decision to make but it seemed to be very sensible. Repeated miscarriages are difficult on the mom both physically and emotionally.

This will have to wait a bit; let the ideas marinate in my head for a day or two. While I think it over, consider this thought that my wife had. She has started praying to her guardian angel to select a good egg(or eggs) for ovulation.

They can do it!

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Anonymous said...

Please check out my blog on my friend, whom I have featured regarding this very question. She is saint in my book.

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