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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Tonight was the viewing. Tomorrow is the funeral and the burial of Theodore. Such an outpouring of love from so many people.

One of my favorite pieces of music is Henryk Gorecki's Symphony Number 3, Opus 36 "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs." The first time I heard it I was late for work because I couldn't leave the radio. The third movement was inspired by a Polish folk song, in which a mother laments her son who was killed in battle.

The loss expressed by the mother reflects my thoughts. The situation is a bit different, though.

Where has he gone,
My dearest son?
Killed by the harsh enemy, perhaps,
In the rebellion.
You bad people,
In the name of the Holy God,
Tell me why you killed
My dear son.

Never more

Will I have his protection,
Even if I weep
My old eyes away,
Or if my bitter tears
Were to make another River Oder,
They would not bring back
My son to life.

He lies in the grave
I know not where
Though I ask people
Perhaps the poor boy
Lies in a rough trench
Instead of lying, as he might,
In a warm bed.

Sing for him,
Little song-birds of God,
For his mother
Cannot find him.
And God's little flowers,
May you bloom all around
So that my son
May sleep happily.


James said...

Dear steve,

My wife and I were so very sorry to hear of the passing of your son, Theodore. We cannot imagine how you must be suffering, but please be assured of our prayers for you all this side of the ocean.
In Him, our Resurrection and our Hope,
James (from england, UK)

Maureen said...

I read of your loss on Easter's site, my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May God give you real comfort during this awful time.

Your sister in Christ,


Easter A. said...

So sad and yet beautiful, so much faith too asking the little songbirds of God to sing for him and flowers to bloom round him, not a trace of bitterness but all the sighs of a heart=broken mother in every line.

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