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Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Tribulation is a gift from God - one that He especially gives his special friends."

- St. Thomas More (a friend sent us this)

Wifeofdadwithnoisykids raised the concern that some of the prayers I have included in recent posts seem to be asking for suffering. This is correct. However, I am in no way asking for any more sacrifices at this time - in fact, I pray that our sorrows be taken away if possible. Every waking moment is full of pain for our son, and now even my dreams are included.

My thought is that the prayers from a few posts ago would serve as a source of consolation and strength to us(and you if you need it). When one considers how we can unite ourselves closer to Christ through our sufferings, or that sacrifices are pleasing to God, it helps us as we deal with whatever sorrow we are experiencing.

Does that make sense?

It has been a long day, and I think it is time to go to sleep. The teenage children are practicing musical numbers from 'My Fair Lady' for a talent show this weekend. Some of the singing is great, but if I have to listen to another teenage boy try to imitate Rex Harrison......

...but that is a different type of suffering.

I have not heard THIS one, though:

This video reminds me of courtship and dating issues. I got a foreshadowing of things to come years ago, when a sister-in-law first moved to Texas and stayed with us for a while. I got to see what it could be like if I don't function as the gatekeeper for boys who want to get to know my daughters. anyways, some annoying young man started calling on sister-in-law day and night, asking her out and wanting to go on long walks in the hot San Antonio sun(when I used to make the kids do this, they became known as the 'dadwithnoisykid death marches').

But I digress. This annoying young man seemed determined to win the favor of my sister-in-law. He would go to any extreme of change just to be pleasing to her. I started to call him 'The Love Gumby.' He was willing to turn into anything to try to win her heart.

The Love Gumby:

Note the inspiration for The Terminator there, where a whole bunch of little gumbies become the one gumby again.


Easter A. said...

"but if I have to listen to another teenage boy try to imitate Rex Harrison......

...but that is a different type of suffering."

Ha ha ha... Oh dadwithnoisykids, you are one amazing person! Send our love to wife of dadwithnoisykids! :-)

Patricia said...

Your my fair lady clip is one of my favourites from the movie. What beautiful music was written for this show!
Too bad they don't produce too many like this today.
God bless,

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