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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Divine Mercy

God’s mercy is at the center of all things, even of being guillotined.

"Oh praise the Lord all ye nations!

Praise him all ye people!

For His mercy is confirmed upon us

And the truth of the Lord remaineth forever!

Praise the Lord!"

Laudate Dominum omnes gentes, Psalm 117

- from the book To Quell the Terror, by William Bush.

Find a brief review of it HERE.


Emmy said...

i love your blog. i read your commentary on song at the scaffold, which i had to read for school, and it help me to understnad the book alot more. thanks! check out my blog somtime. ill post my bookreport on ther somday, and u can read it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

You know this already (the Holy Spirit is more qualified than I), but sometimes it helps to hear from someone else:

As the Tin Man said, "Now I know that I have a heart -- because I can feel it breaking."

Grieve now, and grieve well. Jesus wept, and you can, too. It is right to do so.

I pray that someday soon you'll be able to feel how your son is alive where no one will shun him or misunderstand him. On that day, you will change your "About Me" to acknowledge that Theodore is the lucky one, and that God allowed him to travel before you.

Think of Theodore's new perspective. He can see all the days you think are behind you, and all the days you think are ahead of you. Theodore knows you better than you do. He hears you ever more. And you will join him because you will continue to Love. But God has allowed Theodore to join Him and fulfill his purpose, and has allowed you to stay and fulfill yours.

I cannot imagine your pain, and no one whose child has gone ahead should be expected to be happy on a certain timeline. But joy will invade your future, even when while you miss Theodore. This will cause you to laugh and to cry, and then, better than ever, you will know that God is.

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