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Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Night Musings

At work, as I glanced through a parenting magazine, I came across an advertisement for ovulation predictors.

No need for that - for now.

On my drive into work this morning, I heard a recording of the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen from the 'Life is Worth Living' series.

He was talking about the criteria for all living creatures, and he narrowed it down to seven things that they need to survive. They are, in brief,

To be born
To be nourished - live to eat!
To grow to maturity
To heal wounds
To drive out disease
To propogate the species
To live under government and justice in human relationships

These criteria translate over to the Divine Life, as Archbishop Sheen points out. They correspond to the Sacraments:

Baptism - to be born into Divine Life
Eucharist - to be nourished spiritually
Confirmation - to grow and mature spiritually
Confession - to heal one of disease
Anointing of the Sick - to heal our wounds
Matrimony - to propagate the species in the Divine Life
Holy Orders - to have governance in the Divine Life.

You can read it here. Archbishop Sheen explains it better than I do.


I love hearing him end his lectures/sermons with the words, "God love you."


Anonymous said...

I love listening to that man as well! He ought to be canonized!

Anonymous said...

Life is Worth Living is one of my favourite books..

Christopher A said...

I like watching the old programs. They come on EWTN on Friday at 9 pm.

All the issues he discusses are still current.

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