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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

St. Nicholas' Day Eve

I went out walking the land this afternoon as the sun set and the wind started picking up. I took a few pictures of the property, including some pictures of prickly pears on the cactus. You can actually eat them. The prickly pear is the red fruit on the cactus below.

A funny thing about cactus is that the big spines or prickers are not the most painful part of them. The cactus is actually covered with a bunch of nearly invisible prickers, maybe three millimeters long, which get everywhere. They hurt, and when you try to take them out, they tend to break. Sometimes you end up with them left in the skin with no way to pull them out.

As I took the picture of the cactus, I suddenly realized that the patch of cacti was full of the sounds of peeping, or chirping. I tried to locate the noise, but as I started moving toward the sound, it would stop. Suddenly there was nothing but the sound of the wind. I guess the little birds know to be quiet when they hear something approaching.

I am so blessed to have this land that the Noisykids can run on. I am torn sometimes, such as when I find the Noisykids have been digging holes where I want none. My first inclination is to correct them - yell at them would be a better way to put it - but then I think that one day, after they all are grown up and are no longer referred to as my Noisykids, I will have all the time necessary to go around and fill the holes they have left in the ground.

It will be a lot harder to fill the holes left in our lives after they move into the world.

As a continuation of the Advent Penance, and in recognition of the Feast of St. Nicholas which is tomorrow, here is a song from a group hardly heard any more:

Here are the shoes, waiting for St. Nicholas to visit. I figure I will get a load of coal in my boots. I have not forgotten the handkerchief count.

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