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Friday, December 08, 2006

December 7, 2006: View of the Empty Sky


Consider this thought from a rabbit:

"But I have learned that with creatures one loves, suffering is not the
only thing for which one may pity them. A rabbit who does not know when a
gift has made him safe is poorer than a slug, even though he may think
otherwise himself."

from Watership Down, by Richard Adams, Chapter 31.

Count me as one of the slugs.

Today we remember those who died at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

I think we have taken for granted the sacrifices made by our military in
the past, and, more critically, the members of our military who are
presently in the Middle East. And now, when the change in the political
landscape in Washington, D.C. suggests that we will bail out of Iraq, it
would be a good idea to look at what our military has done(and is doing)
to make it safe for people to go about living in safety and peace.

While I am not a pscychic, I would think that pulling out of Iraq would
just encourage more attacks on our country such as the one on September
11, 2001.

I am blessed with having several partners who are Vietnamese, and a couple
of them were refugees. They all have stories to tell of the hardships and
dangers of excaping from their couuntry, and the relief of getting to
America. When I asked them if they thought we should have stayed and
fought on in Viet Nam, the answer has always been 'yes.' I think that if
we bail out of Iraq, we will not only collect refugees from there, but
also more terrorists as well.

Now off of my soapbox.

No video today, out of respect for the memory of those who died today in

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