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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Advent is a Time of Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving...

...and Penance.

This Advent, I will strive to be more serious in my blogging. But I wish to help you with small mortifications if I can. Here is the first opportunity to offer something up, if you wish:

Let it begin with me.

Thanks to Gerald Augustinus!


antonia said...

haha?! That was...unexpected!!

DilexitPrior said...

A new twist to "penitential." :-)

Roman Sacristan said...

That's how I always seem to imagine that song anyway. Pretty realistic rendition to me. :0

therese said...

Absolutely hysterical! this brought me back to my old protestant days. I know all the words to that song, but I don't recall dancing to it. ;)

Yes, penance during Advent, but NEVER on Sundays. Sundays are always a day of joy to be celebrated. At least that is what my spiritual father taught me.

So celebrate today!

Jeni said...

HAHAHHAHAHA. That was hilarious. Oh my...whew...I can't breathe.

therese said...

I just found out who this guy is. (Not having watched t.v. for many years I didn't know.) He needs our prayers. He's a little mixed up about the Church.


And he is very immoral from what I understand. Suddenly this video isn't that funny anymore.

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