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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Quiet Thursday

First a bit of mortification with some seriously happy women:

Dig that accordion solo!

In other news, I switched over to the next book of the Breviary, as seen in the picture below. Thanks to Mr. Hedgehog and this unidentified moose for helping me out:

December in Texas changes every day. Today it was warm. I shot these pictures of the kittens born in late September. Here they relax, soaking up the last rays of the December Texas sun:


Here some of them try to ignore me as I get a closeup. The black cat was actually from another litter, but she was adopted by the mother of this litter.

After this, we went into downtown Dallas and acted like the country folk we are. We had our picture taken outside of the restaurant where we ate. All the while, expensive cars zoomed past. We saw a building at least five stories tall!

We were celebrating the birthday of our 8 year old girl Noisykid, whose birthday is really tomorrow. We only had tonight where the family would all be together, and we don't eat meat on Fridays, so we went to a Mexican restaurant tonight to take advantage of the meat-filled menu. The restaurant was so quiet that I did not have to resort to my tactic for getting seated quickly at table. Try this: If you can't get a seat, let the host(ess) know you and your large clan of Noisykids will be in the bar. Considering that the bar has the highest revenue-generating potential per barstool, and children don't order mixed drinks, one will speedily find oneself seated in a nice table.

We are so blessed to have our daughter with us. She was our last baby born in the Air Force, so she can call herself an Air Force Brat if she wants to, but we think of her instead as a sweet little bundle of love, enthusiasm, and energy, always with a smile and a warm word for her siblings. She, along with all her siblings, brightens my day and makes me thankful for the privilege of being her father.

The Dallas area we were in was so well-to-do that they had valet parking at the McDonald's.

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Jeni said...

Happy Birthday to the NoisyKid!

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