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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Various Saturday Notes

Saint Blaise

We celebrated the Feast of St. Blaise with Mass and the blessing of throats, in Latin:

Per intercessionem Sancti Blasii, episcopi et martyris,liberet te Deus a malo gutturis, et a quolibet alio malo.In nomine Patris, et Filii +, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

(Through the intercession of St. Blaise, bishop and martyr, may God free you from illness of the throat and from any other sort of ill. In the name of the Father, and of the Son + and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.)

I found the prayer in Latin at this blog, which I shall have to add to the list.

Blog on, blog off!

While I am at it, I will be replacing one blog with another. I will be adding this blog to the list.

Priests check in.....

Several priests responded rather soon after receiving our newsletter. Perhaps they recognized the need for prayers.

Briefly, one of the priests is battling cancer, and praise God it appears to be in remission. Keep Father in your prayers, please.

An elderly priest remarks that he has developed arthritis, but is showing some progress. The way he describes it, he has progressed from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair. His spirit and sense of humor are still going strong, and he could also use some prayers.

Another elderly priest wrote such a good newsletter that I willl ask his permission to quote it verbatim. Last year he described how he had buried several parishioners over that previous year, and was expecting someone to return the favor. We hope not, for no other reason than he writes a great newsletter!

We have a patron Saint for this blog!

St. Augustine of Canterbury is our patron saint for this blog for this year. This was selected by Moneybags at this blog. Part of the deal is that I have to tell how St. Augustine of Canterbury is associated with us.

First, we have a son named Augustine, although we named him after St. Augustine of Hippo. I would count the Confessions of St. Augustine as one of my favorite spiritual reading books. Now we will invoke St. Augustine of Canterbury as well.

In addition, St. Augustine died 1,364 years to the day before Wifeofdadwithnoisykids was born. May 26 is celebrated as his feast day in England. Another reason to celebrate the birth of my wife!

In return we will keep Moneybags in our prayers.

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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