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Friday, February 09, 2007

Patron Saint of the Moment

Saint Ulrich

Born 890 in Canton Zurich, died 983 in Austria. Bishop. Patron Saint of dizziness and vertigo.

I have taken him for my Patron Saint of the Moment, since I am experiencing vertigo.

I can see several connections with this saint:

1. I lived for a year in Canton Zurich when I was a child.

2. The main bookstore at the University of Michigan was called Ulrich's.

3. There is a story that St. Ulrich gave a goose leg to a messenger, and the goose leg turned into a fish on Friday(he is pictured with a fish). This goes along with a joke I love about a convert to the Faith who is found 'baptizing' a piece of meat with gravy, intoning, 'you are now a trout.' Since we observe not eating meat on Friday year-round, I sometimes joke about doing this with chicken or beef.

4. He is also the patron Saint against mice, and we have cats to limit the mouse invasions.

Saint Ulrich, Bishop, native of a beautiful part of Switzerland, pray for us.

Now an unrelated video, about 10 minutes long, of the Joint Strike Fighter. Reminds me of my time in the Air Force:

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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