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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Telephone pole, somewhere along I-45:

Missing Pelican Alert

Evidence of Stewbean in Connecticut?

Efficiency Plan Thwarted

After the recent goings on at NASA, I suggested that we try using diapers for all of us on long trips. Wifeofdadwithnoisykids disagreed. I could just imagine us getting out of the van...cancel that thought.

Scenes from Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Mobile Alabama:

That's a blurry picture of my 9 year old girl Noisykid approaching the altar.

The motto above the Tabernacle is Ecce Panis Angelorum, which I think means 'Behold the Bread of Angels.'

A brief comment on architecture styles. If you go to the website for the Cathedral, you can see the beautiful pictures. Contrast that with the masonic temple a block away. No windows. No light coming in, no light coming out.

Humility Revisited

Humility of Heart is so good that it is painful for me to read it. But I am still reading it, mainly because every line of the book just pounds away at my conscience with words of wisdom about humility. I am one of those irritating people who likes to underline key passages, but I had to stop doing this because most of the words are worth remembering.

I strongly recommend the book to everyone, and I think the best thing to do is to read it and keep coming back to it.

I earn no royalties from the sale of the book. Read the book!! here is a prayer i will incorporate into my morning prayers:

Daily Offering to God

"I offer Thee, O my God, all my thoughts, all my words, and all my actions of this day. Grant that they may be thoughts of humility, words of humility, and actions of humility-all to Thy Glory"

-from Humility of Heart, Number 25


Anonymous said...

YOU DID NOT PUT IN THE IDEA ABOUT THE DIAPERS! I can not beleive you did that, don't you think the way you have us all dehydrated, only allowing us to suck on ice is enough. Well anyway, thank you for the HUMILITY, one can never be to humble. Right dear?

Raulito said...

Great post! Thanks for the inside view of the Cathedral. Truly marvelous!

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation

Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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