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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind

My wife is a stunning brunette. Otherwise I would be sleeping on the couch....

Other humorous things from the life with the Noisykids:

What do you do when you see the 6-year old taking the electric coffee grinder to his bedroom? I stopped him before he could start anything.

Roadside advertisements from our recent pilgrimage:

Scenic Dirt Road


Hot Eats Cool Treats

Street names:


followed by


along with

You Win Road

we went through

Point Blank, Texas


The internet is an alligator farm

I have not been to one in years, unlike this shark above, who brought this home from Louisiana. But there are some similarities between them. First, they both can be entertaining and educational. That is why you are here at this blog.
Secondly, they are a disaster waiting to happen if you stray off the path and into a 'gator pond. The one I went to about 20+ years ago had a walkway that took me over the swamp, and as I walked along, I could see plenty of eyes watching me. They appeared to be sizing me up for dinner, and had an evil appearance.
I always keep this thought in mind as I look for things, especially on Youtube, where a clean video may be neighbors with a really bad one. I keep the 'window' squeezed down to the minimum to avoid any temptations to my eyes.
While an alligator would only pull me down, drowning me and waiting for an opportunity to eat me, the dangers of the internet pose a far greater risk to my soul.

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Anonymous said...

the blonde video is great

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