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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Little Chemistry and Music

One of the joys of home schooling is that all members of the family get to participate in the daily lessons of the children. In fact, sometimes what the children study serves as a reminder of some of our favorite classes.

As an old chemistry major and president of the college Chemistry Club, nothing is more exciting to me than doing a little chemistry experiment in the home.

Take, for example, chromatography. This is a way to detect various chemicals in liquid by seeing how they react with agents which are embedded in a piece of absorbent paper or cloth. All one does is dip the absorbent paper into the liquid, and look for the colors to appear on the paper.

Of course, the details are a bit more complicated, but this is all one needs to understand when doing the chromatography experiment shown in the picture below:

Not bad, eh?

Kinda makes me want to break into song:

Yup! There has to be a REALLY good reason to put a Paul Anka video on my blog.

Seriously, God has blessed us again with another little Noisykid in the making. We thank God for His generosity and for His Love, and we ask for your prayers that this pregnancy will bring us a healthy child.

Our thoughts and emotions are a mixture of exultation and profound sorrow - joy at the thought of a new life in the making, and sorrow at the loss of one of our other children.

Deo Gratias!


Bridget said...

I knew. I knew it last night. Theodore came through for you! I know it's too early in the morning to call, I'll talk to you soon! All my love...

semperficatholic said...

On Divine Mercy Sunday wifeofdadwithnoisykids asked me to please keep you both in prayer because you wanted another baby. I added this intention immediately to my Divine Mercy prayers. When Theodore passed away I began asking him to pray that God would send you a special gift from God, aka, another noisykid. I am so tickled and now prayers of thanksgiving are going up.

Blessings to you all

James said...

very many congratulations.
special prayers for you all...

with love and blessings,

james ...from across the pond (UK).

momwats8 said...

yea!!!! I am praying and rejoicing!!!

antonia said...

Hehe! That was a great intro!

Congratulations to you all!!!!!!
That's such an awesome blessing!

How many weeks pregnant is wifewithnoisykids?

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hello Antonia,
I'm 5 weeks and already getting sick, Thanks be to God!!!!!! Everything is looking better than my last pregnancy with Therese. Of coarse, with Theodore in Heaven, we are hoping to hold another noisykid/s in early Jan.09. Theodore has always had a very persistent personality. If he wanted something he would not give up!!! He was also very obedient to his dad and I. We have been asking him to intercede for us to have twins. I also added the part where I wanted to be pregnant on my 40th Birthday(5-26-08!!).
So, the first miracale is the creation of a new little baby/babies. The second will be the healty baby/babies in our arms in Jan.09. This is my daily prayer.
I don't know if you do this already but with my pregnancies, the first thing I do in the morning is thank God for allowing me to carry His child within me. That helps me to remember though out the day to keep Thanking Him. I never forget during and after I... let just say 'GET SICK'. What a great blessing He has given us. Oh! how easy it is to suffer when you know you get a new baby in the end!!!
Many Blessings in the Suffering Christ,

Sorry for the longwinded answer to a simple question!!!

antonia said...

Aw! Thanks for the answer and for the lovely reminder to *not* complain or feel sorry for myself through all the hardhsips of pregnancy! I would much rather go through them and have a baby, than not go through them and not have a baby!


Adele said...


Has your wife thought of having her progesterone levels tested. I am under the care of a PPVI institute doc. who gets me to have a monthly progesterone level taken and supplement with the bioidentical progesterone. Last time I had to go the whole pregnancy on it and this time I am also having to be supplemented to prevent miscarriage.


God bless you,

mm said...


maybe yall should definetly get a bench now ;)

Prayers and blessings to your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking. I'm under the care of a very good NFP only OB/GYN. I drive about 75 miles to see him. I'm on progesterone now, was taking it with my last baby, and the time between. It's all in God hands. I'm doing every possible thing I can! Most importantly we are all praying.
God bless you,
In the Suffering Christ,

Donna Marie from NJ said...

Oh, Im gonna cry...never mind how easy that is for me at 20 weeks pregnant...just listening to the song made me majorly misty. I m Soooooo happy for all of you! You are in our prayers!

Ooh...btw...dh wants to know if the scorpion ever catches up to the duck...

Anonymous said...

great news! You'll be in our prayers, too!

Xena Catolica

the Mom said...

Hooray! The world needs more Noisy Kids!

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