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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blog Update

While St. Simeon Stylites the Younger(died today in 597 A.D.) hangs out on top of his column, contemplating the Blessed Mother holding the Infant Jesus, let us contemplate the changes in the blog:

First, the picture of the Noisykid Family, circa 1998('Couple ignoring population crisis') has been moved to the side bar.

In its place at the top of the blog column, we have installed a 'Feto-meter.' A Feto-meter is a widget that will chronicle the progress of the next Noisykid due in January, 2009. Once we know the gender of the 2009 Model, we shall change the border from green to blue - or pink.

I have added a memorial to my son Theodore on the sidebar. If you click on the picture, you will be directed to all the blog entries which pertain to Theodore. The picture, by the way, was taken on his 15th birthday, November 25, 2007. This reminds me of a 'Theodore' story:

Theodore always liked to keep a list of things he wanted, and he would make extensive lists of toys he wanted for whatever the next holiday was. These lists consisted of letters in no particular order except for the letters designating aircraft - for example, a string of nonsense letters would suddenly be punctuated by 'F-16,' or 'IL-2,' 'U-2,' or 'SR-71.' Of course, he would come up and say 'toys, airplanes, toys, tanks, toys, boat, toys, jet, toys aircraft carrier,' and so on. On his last birthday, after opening his last gift, he reached down under the couch and pulled out a list and started by saying 'Christmas' before launching into a recital of everything he wanted for Christmas.

Finally, this blogger from across the pond maxed out her space for pictures - all 1024 megabytes of it! So she has started a new blog, sort of a 'part 2' blog and requested a new link. I have complied. Just for some perspective, I have only used 4% of my space for pictures.

Good night, and more videos of piano playing Noisykids next week.


Jackie Parkes said...

You've only used 4 % oh my life...I really must sort myself out!!

Oh btw many congrats on your new news..& I love your Theodore posts...

Patricia said...

First of all the ducks in your house seem to be having a really difficult time of it.
Secondly, the feto-meter didn't load in my browser.
Thirdly, congrats on your upcoming 2009 model! Bet the kids can't wait!

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