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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Midnight Prayers

It seems ironic that
serving those I love
means separation
for long stretches.
As if my pledge
willingly exiled me
from the one
I could not live without.

Such thoughts occur,
waking from dreams of
engine failures and
screaming passengers.

Gazing at her in sleep
I realize how little I pray
for the one who holds
my heart in her hands.
She needs God's grace
for heroic virtue
is required just to
live with such a man

Never mind caring
for children who reflect
some of his goodness
and features.

So I silently pray
for my precious love
not that she improve
- I don' see how -
but that she continue
to love this often absent
but always imperfect
husband and father.

And loving our children
the greatest blessing
of the union of our hearts
and lives.

In the light of day
far from her side
too busy to call
I pray for her again
that she receive
graces she needs
and one thing she wants
is one more soul

To love and cherish
another child who reflects
some of my goodness
and features.



Karie, the Regular Guy's Extraordinary Wife said...

Dear Mr. Dadwithnoisykids,

I am sure as your wife reads this - I sure hope she does - I think she might get an inkling of how much she is in your thoughts. You made me cry and remind me of how much I love my husband and am thankful that he is as home as often as he is. God bless you sir. That was a wonderful poem.

Pilgrim said...

Not bad, but beautiful! Just keep telling her.

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