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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bloggian Hiatus

Life has been too busy for blogging. I have not had a weekend off since October - getting called in if not already in-house - and no vacation since May. I wouldn't consider two days off to care for my wife after the miscarriage to be a vacation.

But enough whining.

Recently Wifeofdadwithnoisykids went to see a movie which looks at the life of one of the more famous science fiction/horror movie actors. Apparently, this man was friends with a woman who was contemplating abortion after getting pregnant. This actor(who was not the father of the child) entreated her to let the child live, and he promised to raise the child as his own. This is how the story goes, and he ends up caring for the child; the mother makes occasional visits, but the real story is about the relationship between the actor and the child. The actor's name was Bela Lugosi, and the movie is called 'Bela.'

If you get a chance to see it, I encourage you to do so.

Now back to the salt mines....


EegahInc said...

This sounds like the greatest film ever made! I knew there was more to one of my favorite actors than his later drug addiction and being buried in a Dracula cape. Darn the mainstream media, they always accentuate the negative.

Anonymous said...

Yes check out my latest post...

Adele said...

Thanks for sharing that. I didn't realize that ut was based on a real man. God bless.

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